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Damn Ice Dams

Ice Dams are here to stay until20150218_111128 the end of March.  Or if you feel like I do, it may never end and this is just how we live now. 🙂

This Old House has a great article on ice dams, and some great ideas on stopping them. Including using a box fan to freeze up the area where the water is leaking.  There are a lot of great idea there.  Follow this link.  The site is a pain to look at.  On the right side in the box with the text keep click the next button.  It will work you through the slides.

A cheat sheet-

Birth of an Ice Dam
1. Heat collects in the attic and warms the roof, except at the eaves.
2. Snow melts on the warm roof and then freezes on the cold eaves.
3. Ice accumulates along the eaves, forming a dam. Meltwater from the warm roof backs up behind it, flows under the shingles, and into the house.

Fast Fixes
Hacking away at ice dams with a hammer, chisel, or shovel is bad for your roofing—and dangerous for you. And throwing salt on them will do more to harm to your plantings than to the ice. Short of praying for warm weather, here are two stop-gap measures we recommend:

Blow in cold air: Take a box fan into the attic and aim it at the underside of the roof where water is actively leaking in. This targeted dose of cold air will freeze the water in its tracks. “You’ll stop the leak in a matter of minutes,”says TOH general contractor Tom Silva.

Rake it: Pull off snow with a long-handled aluminum roof rake (above) while you stand safely on the ground. A rake with wheels won’t harm the roofing.

Below is the link to the source material.




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